New definition of precision

NexPTG PRO Carbon

Meet the premiere model of NexPTG meters.
A uniquely intuitive and state-of-the-art device for measuring a vehicle’s paint coating.

Professional measurement
within reach

The gauge has a dedicated application available on smartwatches with a system:

  • WearOS 
  • WatchOS

The application allows:

  • automatic search and connection with the NexPTG device
  • indicating the measurement value, substrate detection, measurement interpretation
  • creating a short history of measurements and browsing it
  • insight into measuring statistics
  • calibration of the NexPTG device
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The only such application on the market

NexPTG application includes 100+ dedicated car bodies in addition to standard bodies.

Making the measurement process more realistic. Personalize the report to the customer’s needs with a realistic representation of the measured vehicle.

Control the app with voice commands

The function allows you to perform the appropriate actions in the NexPTG application through voice commands. It allows you to call the selected function without using the smartphone screen.

Opt for the convenience of using the NexPTG PRO Carbon meter.

An application that allows much more

The function allows you to scan the VIN number using the smartphone’s built-in camera. The function is available in the report tab – vehicle data.

In addition, the smart NexPTG application will accurately indicate the sensitive points of your vehicle, so you will not miss any place that is interfered with most often.

Features tailored
to your needs


A modular PDF report that allows full customization of its individual elements.


Extended manufacturer warranty and technical support.


The device is characterized by high precision and repeatability, confirmed by additional calibration certification (an extra chargeable service).


Enables fast transfer of data structures to the client’s server.

Range of measurement 0 - 3000 μm (0 - 118.11 mils) 0 - 2500 μm (0 - 98,43 mils)
Measurement resolution 1 μm (0,04 mils) 1 μm (0,04 mils)
Type of probe / Probe ending Movable / Spherical Movable / Spherical
Probe housing Profiled Profiled
Curve measurement Yes Yes
Measurement memory Up to 8000* Up to 4000*
Substrate recognition Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminum Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminum
Substrate testing Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminum Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminum
Zinc detection ** Up to 1000 μm Up to 800 μm
Lacquer Coating Analysis System - SAPL Extended ver. 2 Extended
Voice commands Yes No
Types of bodies in the report Individual Basic
Dedicated vehicle body Yes No
Works with Smartwatches Yes No
VIN code reader Yes No
Warranty 36 months 24 months
Individual layout Yes No
Multilingual menu PL, EN, DE, RU, CZ, FR, ES, IT, FE, HE, NL, NO, TR, HU, SA, JP, PL, EN, DE, RU, CZ, FR, ES, IT, FE, HE, NL, NO, TR, HU, SA, JP,
Suggested measurement points Yes Yes
Creation of reports and measurement history Yes Yes
Export of reports and measurement history to e‑mail Yes Yes
Number of measurements per second 10 10
Time of continuous work on alkaline batteries Up to 100h Up to 100h
Ambient temperature for the gauge's work From -20 to + 40 °C From -20 to + 40 °C
Unit of measurement μm or mils μm or mils
Communication with the application Bluetooth 4.0 LE Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Application update Free Free
Message indication Text, graphic, audio Text, graphic, audio
Housing colour Carbon Blue
Weight of the device without batteries 58 grams 58 grams
Size 112 x 50 x 28 mm 112 x 50 x 28 mm
Availability on systems Android, iOS Android, iOS
Supported batteries 2xAA 2xAA
Measurement modes Continuous, Single Continuous, Single
Testing relative to reference point Yes Yes
Automatic device shutdown in period of inactivity Yes Yes
Measurement statistics Yes Yes
Enrichment with new features Yes Yes
Buyer’s guide Yes Yes
API communication Yes Yes
Dedicated API (additional paid) Yes Yes

* after performing the indicated measurements, the next ones will be saved in the place of the oldest saved results

** recognition of galvanized steel - beta version, recognition in the range of 0-1000 μm

NexPTG PRO Carbon
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The NexPTG PRO Carbon meter provides even more revolutionary solutions for the automotive industry.

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