NexPTG Economic

The economical version of the NexPTG lacquer thickness gauge, enabling fast, accurate and intuitive testing of steel elements of the vehicle. The meter has a SAPL Paint Coating System, thanks to which you can easily detect interference with the coating.

  • Testing on the substrate: Steel [Fe] / Zinc-plated Steel [Fe+Zn]
  • Recognized substrate types: [Fe] / [Fe+Zn]
  • Range of measurement: 0-1000 μm (0-39.37 mils)
  • Resolution of measurement: 10 μm (0.4 mils)
  • Measurement memory: up to 100 items
  • Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Multilingual menu: PL, EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, RU, FA, CZ, HE, NL
  • Time of continuous work on alkaline batteries: up to 100 hours
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +40°C
  • SAPL Basic: lacquer coating analysis system
  • Supported systems: iOS/Android
Range of measurement 0 - 1000 μm (0 - 39,37 mils)
Measurement resolution 10 μm (0,4 mils)
Type of probe / Probe ending Traditional / Flat
Probe housing Flat
Curve measurement No
Measurement memory Up to 100*
Substrate recognition Steel, Galvanized Steel**
Certificate No
Lacquer Coating Analysis System - SAPL Basic
Voice commands No
Types of bodies in the report N/A
Dedicated vehicle body No
Works with Smartwatches No
VIN code reader No
Warranty 24 months
Individual layout No
Multilingual menu PL, EN, DE, RU, CZ, FR, ES, IT, FE, HE, NL, NO, TR, HU, SA, JP
Suggested measurement points No
Creation of reports and measurement history No
Export of reports and measurement history to e‑mail No
API communication No
Dedicated API (additional paid) No
Number of measurements per second 10
Time of continuous work on alkaline batteries Up to 100h
Ambient temperature for the gauge's work From -20 to + 40 °C
Unit of measurement μm or mils
Substrate testing Steel, Galvanized Steel
Communication with the application Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Application update Free
Message indication Text, graphic, audio
Housing colour Green
Weight of the device without batteries 57 grams
Size 108 x 50 x 28 mm
Availability on systems Android, iOS
Supported batteries 2xAA
Measurement modes Continuous
Testing relative to reference point No
Automatic device shutdown in period of inactivity Yes
Measurement statistics No
Enrichment with new features No
Buyer’s guide No
Dedicated API (additional paid) No

* after performing the indicated measurements, the next ones will be saved in the place of the oldest saved results

** recognition of galvanized steel - beta version, recognition in the range of 0-1000 μm

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