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Top quality paint thickness gauges. Accurate and intuitive car paint thickness measurement. Made in 100% in Poland
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Measurement accuracy
is our priority

NexPTG gauges are the most innovative paint thickness measuring devices on the market. They are characterised by precise readings and the easy-to-use NexPTG application interface. The device automatically recognizes and analyzes the paint coating on both steel and aluminum surfaces.

Miernik NexPTG Pro Carbon
Curve measurement
Profiled probe housing
Measurement range
0 - 3000 μm (0 - 118.11 mils)
Substrate recognition
Steel, galvanized steel, aluminum
SAPL system
Paint coating analysis system - extended

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Kompleksowy pomiar
External measurements
Internal measurements
Data analysis
Documentation of all work

Complex measurements of the paint coating of the car

NexPTG guarantees an easy and precise measurement of the car’s paint coating thickness and professional assessment of the condition of steel, galvanised steel and aluminium surfaces.


The app that
allows for more

NexDiag products have a dedicated application that you can easily install on any mobile device with iOS or Android. Thanks to it, you can easily examine the paint coating of your vehicle with extreme accuracy.


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